Girl, Interrupted

Girl, Interrupted ★★★★

Winona Ryder hasn't ever given a performance that I could connect with. Anytime she has had to show a lot of emotion it comes off as inauthentic. Even though there were a few moments that still felt that way, a majority of the movie she was fantastic. Mangold has always been able pull out emotional performances from his actors and this is just another example.

I chose to watch this because I saw Angelina Jolie won some awards for it and I felt like I had never seen one of her great performances. This did not disappoint. She is terrific and delivers a manic, but believable portrayal of someone suffering from severe mental illness and trauma.

The rest of the supporting cast, both the patients and staff, were great. The mental institution felt fleshed out and real.

James Mangold has been killing for over 2 decades. Why was he not a bigger name until Logan??