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This review may contain spoilers.

A movie about a relationship between a human and AI has maybe more to say about the human condition, relationships, emotion, and love than any movie about 2 humans ever has. This near distant future encapsulates possibly one of the most human and scientific philosophical conundrums we face as we evolve as a species and through technology. As creators of these AI's, how do we relate to them? Can we form genuine bonds and relationships with them? And if we are to somehow fall in love with them, are they capable to genuinely reciprocate that love back? The way the movie uses limitations for both Samantha and Theodore its devastating, leading to conversations and moments that go into the deep end of existential perplexity. If the "heart" is a product of our mind, can a truly advanced AI develop a heart? And if so, would it then go on to create a type of "heart" and love we as humans could not understand or fathom.

The questions this movie poses are haunting, liberating, and stir a deep emotional resonance with in me. This is undoubtedly Joaquin's best performance to me, which is saying a lot considering his filmography. Scarlett Johanson delivered a level of acting that I thought could not be achieved purely by voice. It is borderline Oscar worthy. At the risk of rambling I will finish by saying this is one of the best movies I have seen in a while.