Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★

This felt like PTA's most personal film. He seemed less concerned with telling an elaborate or provactive narrative like his previous movies and more about creating a vibe that probably took him back to his days as a teen.

Unfortunately it did not grab me. While each individual scene was well crafted, they all felt disconnected which made it hard to really engage with many of the scenes since they felt mostly unnecessary.

What held the movie back the most were the leads. While Hoffman's son was okay he had several moments that felt hammed up. Alana Haim's acting was distractingly bad. Almost all her lines felt like she was reading them off the page. While she definitely did well for someone who I assume has never acted, it wasn't good enough for a high profile PTA movie.

If their acting worked for you I could definitely see why this movie may have clicked for you, but disliking their performances and characters made it hard to enjoy many of the scenes.