Tenet ★★★★½

Think the standard Christopher Nolan affair but also on EVERY DRUG POSSIBLE.

The characters aren’t the deepest he’s ever crafted that’s for sure, and the sound mixing is genuinely atrocious at moments, but the concept is taken to great lengths for some fantastic action scenes. The movie itself is complex as fuck, but I personally believe that once all is said and done, after some reflection on the movie itself, the story did click overall for me. John David Washington, Robert Pattinson And Elizabeth Debicki all deliver solid performances and despite their characters not being the strongest, their performances elevate them from cardboard cutout material. Also, the score, despite how deafening it is at times, is a god damn treasure. 

Tenet is definitely not Nolan’s best work but I haven’t had this much fun watching one of his movies since Inception. If you’re looking for a grand old spectacle, and if your closest theatre is open and suitably prepared amidst the pandemic, I highly recommend you give this movie a shot! 

“Don’t think about it, just FEEL it.”

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