The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★½

Martin Scorsese is just the man when it comes to mob-epics and "The Irishman" is probably his best yet. Truly proves that Netflix can do really good shit when they're not interfering to hard.

The production and its entire design, the cinematography, the make-up, the editing and the soundtrack are all outstanding!!
Then we have the highly interesting and simply gripping story which hits hard, especially by the end, as it achieves a perfect mixture of many historic incidents and suspenseful and dramatic scenes. This almost guarantees a blast at a second or third viewing.
Now, the characters are rife and explored deeply, they are being portrayed by a stunning cast and incredible performances. I was actually surprised that Scorsese chose to focus not only on Sheerans actions, but also on the consequences of his actions so hard. It's filled with guilt.

Still; a runtime of 3h 29mins is almost unbearable for any arse. I was laying on my bed and had back pain afterwards.

because I realised that I have to buy a new bed.

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