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  • Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

    Home Alone: The Holiday Heist


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Never, not for a second, is the kid in this movie "home alone", and while you can forgive a lot in a straight-to-TV Christmas movie, that seems pretty fundamental.

    Some half-decent gags aside (see the police falling into one of Finn's traps), this is a poor showing.

    Uncle Frank needs to grab everyone involved with this movie and make them sit down and watch it before delivering his verdict (which could only be one thing...): "Look what you did, you little jerks."

  • Thunderball



    The 'Bond-a-thon' continues with this mediocre effort.

    Here Connery, looking noticeably slimmer and fitter than in Goldfinger (and, amazingly, with fewer grey hairs) does his gentlemen best but fails to combine a plot and director who just don’t mix. The story isn’t a bad one, though to modern eyes it can seem unimaginative (which isn’t entirely fair on a 47 year old movie), but the handling by Terence Young renders it a bit part player in his quest to bundle…