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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    There’s beauty in Prometheus. Granted, the scientists are foolish (and Fifield, in a mood until he’s devoured and set alight, is an awfully dull character), but it looks stunning. Director Ridley Scott, directing the sequel to Prometheus and, of course, the prequel to his monster iconic horror, Alien, is back in the chair for Alien: Covenant. Connecting the dots between the series, it remains magnificently composed with a new, likeable crew to take on creatures that lurk in the shadows.

  • The Life of Oharu

    The Life of Oharu


    Kenji Mizoguchi was a ladies man. He had many lovers, one of which was a prostitute. The relationship ended when she almost killed him by stabbing him in the back with a razor. The Life of Oharu, a film made much later in his career, deals with the horrific treatment of women in a patriarchal society and the deep scars left on those who suffered at the hands of it. This is a fictional story that reflects on the life…

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  • Nightcrawler



    Based on the west coast streets, with the orange haze and branded bill-boards, Nightcrawler comes out of the dark with a sordid capitalist tale to tell. Starring a wide-eyed Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom, videographer of the LA boulevards, it’s a name he won’t let you forget. He captures the bloody crimes that dominate the morning television screens across the local area. Leeching off the ills of society, his role is needed because it makes money. His “professional” and guide-to-success…

  • Foxcatcher



    No music and little dialogue introduce brothers Mark (Tatum) and Dave (Ruffalo) Schultz. The dance of wrestlers, grabbing and holding each other in pin-downs and body-throws, prove their intimate knowledge of each other’s physicality. A combination of Bennett Miller’s considered direction and the actor’s commitment ensure that their relationship is deeply personal and wholly authentic. Foxcatcher is rooted in the world of wrestling, whereby the support of John Du Pont (Steve Carrell) gave security to athletes determined to be the…