Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

decided to go catch it in imax and the theater was sold out, so i struck up a convo with the person sitting next to me and we started talking about letterboxd and the way it's changing the way people watch movies. i mentioned how when i saw licorice pizza it was funny to see multiple people pull their phones out and open letterboxd the moment the credits started to roll and we laughed about how ridiculous that was; how even if you're just using letterboxd as a personal film journal, movies should take some time to simmer before you compose your thoughts and slap a star rating on them.

as the credits rolled on everything everywhere all at once, i felt my body descend back into my chair from the place it was hummingbird hovering in for over two hours, and the person i was sitting next to said something to the effect of "nobody better be opening their letterboxd right now."

i still don't have the words to accurately describe the experience that is seeing this movie. it's the kind of movie that you secretly wish every movie would be like the moment you sink into the theater chair. as i pulled away from the amc parking lot, i thought to myself, "this is the only movie i've seen at an amc where the nicole kidman preamble actually made sense."

a remarkable miracle of a film. every performance is pitch perfect (although michelle yeoh is a supernova in every frame), every joke lands, every emotional beat resonates. there were moments where i was crying and laughing at the same time and could feel that everyone else in the theater was too?? in fact, i can't really imagine not seeing this in a theater. everything, everywhere was incredible. all at once!

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