Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

“...Right away, I’m getting a bottle of brandy and I’m already practically broke with the little money that was left in my account. So I call my boy, Caliph, and he comes through with more liquor and some sticks of Xanax, and he takes some sticks, I take some sticks. And by now, we’re all fucked up and I’m just feeling so good that I don’t even give a fuck. So we both walk over to his boy Trevor’s house. This guy who has this hustle going where he moves acid for this guy in the Bronx to this other guy in Long Island. But what they do is they skim a couple sheets off the top, you know, so they could have some money on the side for themselves before they make the delivery.....So I ride with him to Long Island, and I’m thinking the whole time this PO’s gonna read me the riot act, ‘cause I’m fucking up already, but, I mean... I’m feeling so great, and I’m fucked up. And I just don’t give a fuck. I’m celebrating....So I’m at the arcade with Trevor now. You know, we’re doing our thing, hustling acid. And, you know, we take over this place like it’s our fucking office, but once in a while someone will show up and we’ll make a sale, you know. Make a sale here, make a sale there....But then, one of Trevor’s friends, this clown Donnie walks in, and he’s all fucked up and he’s talking about how he just robbed some Radio Shack down the street. At this point, the acid’s kicking in for me, so I can’t follow this shit. I’m having a hard time following the story, and I’m starting to freak out a little bit. And then, guess what happens? The fucking cops show up. And the next thing I know, Trevor’s grabbing me, and we just book it into the parking lot. And I just remember thinking I could run for, like, 20 miles straight. So I’m following Trevor, and it’s fucking freezing. He leads us into Adventureland, this amusement park. At this point, I have no idea what the fuck is going on. And then Donnie leads us into this ride, and they look for a place to hide their shit, but it’s fuckin’ dark in there. I can’t see shit. All of a sudden, they get bagged, I’m all by myself in the dark. And literally the next thing I remember is I’m fucking running down some random street, and I just see a fucking cab, and I hail it and I just get in. And this driver, he just kept talking to me, and talking to me, and I’m fucking tripping balls. And I’m telling him, “Please, please. Just give me some peace and quiet or I’m going to throw up.” And I told the driver, “Don’t worry I’m going to go in the house, I’ll get the money from my bag....” As soon as he hears the word “jail,” he just fuckin’ freaks. Talking about, “Oh, I’m not getting ripped off by one of you punks again,” and he just fucking steps on the gas, and that was it. He just takes off....Man, I heard the word “cops,” and I lose it. I gotta get the fuck out of here. So I happened to get one of the doors opened before he locked them all, and this guy’s crazy. He’s fucking driving, he’s speeding down the road, 30, 40 miles an hour. And I know we’re getting closer and closer to the precinct. I know where my local precinct’s not far, and I am not going back to jail. So I just looked down at the pavement and just jump.....AND NOW LOOK AT MY FUCKING FACE! I CAN’T GO WALK AROUND LOOKING LIKE THIS!”

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