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Midsommar: The Director’s Cut

Very much the definitive version (though that doesn’t make me love the theatrical version any less). Makes what was already a masterpiece even greater by fleshing out certain aspects of the film (the Dani/Christian relationship and the Hårga in particular) even more, and Christian is somehow an even bigger prick. If you didn’t care for the theatrical version of MIDSOMMAR, chances are that the Director’s Cut won’t change your perception of the film. However, if you enjoyed the theatrical version at all, then I strongly recommend seeing the Director’s Cut.

Regardless of whichever cut, still my favorite film of the year, and I do not see that changing. Also, it’s going to be really sad when Florence Pugh’s phenomenal performance goes overlooked throughout the 2019 awards season, despite being one of the absolute best performances of the year.

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