Nobody ★★★★½

Few things are more satisfying than watching Bob Odenkirk beat the shit out of dudes using a baseball bat and a kettle in his own John Wick vehicle mashed with A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, with action almost as brutal as The Raid.

A film that not only fulfills its promise, but offers even more: a fascinating character piece about a man who has a nearly irresistible urge to kill people and him struggling to escape that (hence the aforementioned A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE comparison). In addition to the fight sequences being top notch in their choreography and delightfully brutal, the camerawork (courtesy of HEREDITARY and MIDSOMMAR cinematographer Pawel Pogorzelski!!!) and editing are electric. And of course, Bob Odenkirk is wonderful, both in bringing his character to life (“I’m gonna fuck you up” is a strong contender for my single favorite line reading of 2021 cinema thus far) and in performing the fight sequences, showing that he has major action star chops. And it’s so awesome to see Christopher Lloyd onscreen again.

Many have criticized this for not being as visually stylish as the John Wick franchise, and while they might not necessarily be wrong, Nobody more than makes up for that in being comparatively grounded in its action; whereas John Wick is a nearly invincible killing machine, Odenkirk’s Hutch Mansell is seen struggling more often, thus making the set-pieces more intense and thrilling.

In short, one of the greatest action films in recent memory. Coming from someone who absolutely loathed HARDCORE HENRY, this was delightful.

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