The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★½

I liked CHRISTINE more than a fair amount, but this is something major. Almost like No Country for Old Men meets THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES. Antonio Campos has such a strong eye for atmosphere, mood, pace, tension, and tone; the filmmaking is top notch, the characters and narrative are *super engrossing,* and the structure *beautifully* ties everything together into a tremendous finale with a perfect final shot. The performances are strong across the board, with Robert Pattinson being the MVP (and the best supporting actor of the year, methinks), though I gotta give Tom Holland a special mention as well; he’s fantastic here.

Given the mixed reviews, I’m not expecting many people to be on board with this, but it was very much my shit. Strongly recommend giving it a shot when it hits Netflix.

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