21 Jump Street ★★★★½

Captain Dickson: New assignment. Since you two cowboys love to drink booze, smoke weed with kids, and f**k anything with a big ass in jeans with low self-esteem, I'm gonna send you to a place where all that s**t is allowed.
Jenko: Oh, I love Disneyland!
Captain Dickson: You two sons of b**ches are going to college!
Schmidt: Yes!
Jenko: No!

Oh, this film. I must have seen the first ten minutes about six or seven times before my first re-watch. And it still holds up. Hollywood comedies are rarely as funny second time round, but this is a big, shining exception to the rule; a film that's funnier when you aren't on a long-haul flight back from Florida.

As for the two leads, it's extremely hard to find any faults. Both Hill and Tatum grant us with career-best performances (Hill tops Superbad, while Tatum actually acts for the very first time), and it'll be really something to see them top this in another comedy film (preferably 21 Jump Street 2: College Boogaloo?)

Every joke and gag is nothing less than amusing, showing how truly, flat-out, laugh-out loud, gut-burstingly hilarious screenwriter Michael Bacall can be when he's not writing focusing nerds fighting seven evil exes or prats trying to make it big with a massive party in a garden. Schmidt and Jenko may be new characters to the 21 Jump Street legacy, but the script is so tight, they absolutely make it their own, making Johnny Depp a distant memory (although, he is really, isn't he?)

This is streets ahead of every other comedy this year. 'Streets' ahead. Did you see what I did there? Should I have said '21 Jump Streets' ahead of every other comedy this year? No? Really? OK.

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