Film Title Poem

Film Title Poem ★★




MUBI recently unleashed Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream onto the world, and I feel like the world is a better place now that such an intelligent, brutally honest work is floating around in it. Film Title Poem is a similarly feverish portrait of unchecked cinephilia, with all the incisive musing removed in favour of some cute word association (which is honestly the only entertaining thing here). Alphabetically progressing through every title with little detours to give the film it’s poetic legitimacy, it’s a deadpan, borderline trollish flick through the words that give the films we love meaning. It kinda annoyed me that certain titles where clearly from trailers and other promo materials while others were actual title drops, and if that’s the only thing that got my brain ticking here, then there’s something missing.

Good to see some consistent appreciation for Hackers, eXistenZ and whatever the hell Dyketactics is.

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