Southland Tales ★★★★

Part of The Second Letterboxd Festival - Week 5

I really don't get the hate for this! What we have is an ambitious epic. Since when have they ever been bad? I'm going to list the things that are great about this:

- The Rock. Never better, even if his performance involves asking questions, looking paranoid and doing something weird with his fingers. It works for Keanu Reeves (OK, maybe not the finger part...)!
- Jon Lovitz. Where the hell did his character come from?
- Eli Roth getting shot on the bog.
- Justin Timberlake singing, dancing, over-acting, injecting drugs into his throat.
- Floating ice cream truck.
- Monkeys in the 4th dimension.
- The plot. It makes quite a bit of sense when you connect it all up. It's messy, but great nonetheless.
- The ice cream truck/ATM stunt.
- Sean William Scott. Has he ever given a better dramatic performance?
- The delay in the reflection.
- Delayed squibs.
- Christopher Lambert. It all seems to be leading back to the ice cream truck, doesn't it?
- The tracking shot through the zeppelin.
- Wallace Shawn. Bloody mental, I'm telling ya!
- Kevin Smith as a nerdy Santa.

And there we have it. There are more things that are great about this, but it really is too much. Maybe that's why it doesn't get five stars from me; it's just too damn much to process in two viewings.

By the way, this was my film of the baking hot weather in June, and All These Things That I've Done was the sound of it.

Screw you, convention!

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