The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★½

"The horse can fly?" - John Reid

I honestly charge you to find a better closing set-piece than The Lone Ranger from 2013. You can scour through your ranked lists from last year all you want; you won't find a finale better than this one. You can suggest them, but I wouldn't listen.

So what if it's a western Pirates of the Caribbean? It's a fresher take on a tired franchise, simply by moving it across to another franchise. It's twisted genius when you think about it, particularly when Gore Verbinski has the winking cheek to pull it off.

Johnny Depp doesn't exactly phone it in on a rewatch, and he's actually much more restrained than any of his past few performances have proven. Armie Hammer is immensely likeable as the initially-bumbling hero, while William Fichtner's and Barry Pepper's sheer character acting are a delight to behold as they reprise roles they've quite clearly practiced before. The performances certainly aren't going to win any Oscars, but they're never boring and are as solid as unmined silver.

Oddly original in its unoriginality, The Lone Ranger isn't without its flaws (it's far too long, but the pace keeps it afloat), but I'll be damned if there's a 2013 blockbuster that's more goofily entertaining and contains more underrated gems of moments than this.

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