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  • The H-Man

    The H-Man


    Corny as hell, but not without its charms.

  • CHiPS



    I pray this is the worst film I see this month. More soon in my review.

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  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight


    Dear Matt:

    I read your review of "The Hateful Eight" after watching the film last night. I agree with many of your arguments, but only a few of your conclusions. You say that you found the film's nihilistic perspective to be troubling, and concluded that Tarantino, as a political filmmaker, has lost your good faith. You add that the sadistic quality to the film's violence, especially against women, but also during the "big black pecker" speech, bothered you. And that…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    More thoughtful and clever the second time out. This thing is good. I love how Peele articulates his main theme: fear of a black eye/voice/narrative, and the illusory nature of equal-footed inter-racial dialogue. Frames within frames, like Polanski (specifically Rosemary's Baby). The hypnotizing power of the whitewashed/mediated image (the view from the Sunken Place looking more and more like a CRTV that's in the process of turning off, but doesn't quite blink out). The sharp-as-hell line-readings. The layered script. The way that almost every crowd-pleasing laugh line or suspense beat lands. This guy is fucking good; this film is fucking great.