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  • The Decline of Western Civilization
  • The Boys Next Door
  • Dudes
  • The Little Rascals

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  • Crazy Joe


  • Evil Cat


  • Hustle


  • The Princess


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  • Crazy Joe

    Crazy Joe


    Dad: What is this?
    Me: Uh, Crazy Joe?
    Dad: Is that the one with Peter Boyle?
    Me: …yes…? Have you seen this before?
    Dad: Yes. I clearly don’t remember any of it though.

  • Hustle



    It’s no Uncle Drew, but I’d give it a slight edge over The Way Back.

Popular reviews

  • The Void

    The Void


    As if Lucio Fulci had made The Thing. No, wait: as if Lucio Fulci's biggest fan had made The Thing. No, no, as if Lucio Fulci's biggest fan cross-bred The Thing with Night of the Living Dead. No wait it's Hellraiser and Lovecraft and oh god there's just so many unsynthesized influences here good god no waiiiiiit... More soon at RogerEbert.com.

  • Braven



    A fun LL Bean revenge thriller. So much "real America" chest-thumping. More log cabins, big trucks, hunting rifles, bow and arrows, man against nature, man as provider, man fightin for his family BS than you can shake a stick at. This flannel has a high-thread count.

    Jason Momoa sets a man on fire! Stephen Lang has Alzheimer's and shoots people! Jill Wagner, playing Jason Momoa's wife, also shoots people after joking that Momoa's character is too tired from work to…