Game Over ★★★½

Holy shit: the Indian slasher film Game Over is intense. First half is a shockingly moving supernatural drama about surviving trauma and, uh, a haunted tattoo. And the second half is a disturbing, unsound home invasion thriller. Effectively upsetting!

This movie should not work as well as it does. But both halves—the one about surviving sexual trauma, and the one about fighting back against a masked killer (who likes to cut women’s heads off and set fire to their headless corpses)—are effectively upsetting. I did not expect that, at all.

Game Over is ultimately pretty generic in that it never goes anywhere that other recent post-Scream slasher films haven’t already (was immediately reminded of Hush and DGG’s Halloween). But Game Over is also pretty disarming; I haven’t felt so shaken up by a new horror movie in a while.