First Man

First Man ★★★★

This film is amazing. It really puts the moon landing back then in a completely different perspective. I was born 40 years to late to experience this milestone myself and for me it was obvious that they did it and everything was a success. All the suffering, the death, the commitment and the anti space travel movement is not what you read in history books. Most of the time it’s just a timestamp: 1969, first landing of human beings on the moon. 

Damien Chazelle did an outstanding Job with La La Land and Whiplash and this film is in no way inferior. The feeling when the rocket engines are starting, the bass rumble in the cinema and the resulting vibrations, the sudden contrast of pure silence in the vacuum of space, paired with an amazing soundtrack from Justin Hureitz, great Damien Chazelle-like Cinematography and an amazing Ryan Gosling let you dive deep into the story and you can really feel the pure pioneering spirit from this men, wich is (at least for me) moving, because we are lucky to live in times where after a long time of declinement, manned space travel finally experiences a comeback thanks to companies like Space X and Blue Origin. 

The only thing I think was to fast was the ending. The whole film builds up to the moon landing and the moon scenes are a little bit to much on the low end of screen time for my personal taste. 

For all space fans, for all fans of (aerospace) engeneering, for all fans of great cinematography: Its a must! Go and watch it on the big screen, it’s defenitely worth it!

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