Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

Josh and Benny Safdie’s ‘Good Time’ is a movie that feels like it’s trying to burst out of its own constrictive aspect ratio. It’s a nerve-burning neon hot wash of anxiety that starts in your spine and radiates throughout your entire body throughout the entire runtime. The oneohtrix point never score ebbs, throbs, and pulsates as the ever-amounting chaos snowballs to levels you didn’t think possible. It’s a movie entirely composed of a side-quest of another movie, but still emotionally involving due to Pattinson’s phenomenal performance as Connie, a man who feels entirely comprised of ingenious excuses, close calls, escapes, and plans that get him into trouble and out of trouble in similar volumes. It’s structure is non-existent, it’s unpredictable for every single second, and bows to no rule adherence for storytelling in order to make the experience feel as raw and unkempt as possible. An absolute miracle of a movie.

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