The Dark Knight ★★★★★

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My first viewing of this in an environment I can actually understand what's going on...

Love this movie- story is great, actors fit their roles super well, and very engaging. The visuals are fantastic even in the dark settings, and I can really feel Christopher Nolan's talented directing style in this one. Christian Bale as Batman is incredible once again, Aaron Eckhart makes for a great Harvey Dent/Two Face, Heath Ledger nails the role of being the Joker, and there's just something about Gary Oldman that is extra special in this one as an actor (for being Commisioner Gordon.)

Some little gripes I have about this film that keep it from being one of the greatest films of all time (though it is pretty high up there still), is that there are moments where it feels a little long, but I'm happy with the fact the pacing is just right. Also, I kind of wish we got a bit more with the Joker even if Two-Face was still involved.

Rating: 9.5/10

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