Wonder Woman ★★★★½

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What a great film! For what was setup as an introduction to Wonder Woman's character in BvS, they really play off her character well. Not only that, but the side characters as well! Aries as the villain is also well done as it's a god vs god scenario and the little twist involved with that works well.

The story is excellent and while DC lacked a little on a humor invested film, the message and serious tone of this film simply works. And as much as this film is involved with the culture of America, Diana's reaction coming to this "New world" just goes to show how different our culture is too, and that's what makes this so good (not to mention this is something I enjoy seeing). The war was also done well and though this film seems to follow the same formula as Captain America: The First Avenger, it's so much better in its own way, is straightforward while also having surprises, and the chemistry between how the characters interact works super well.

Rating: 9.4/10