Eighth Grade ★★★★★

Eighth Grade Checklist:

Stacking Crayola markers to make a tower ✔️
Playing the national anthem in band ✔️
Braces everywhere ✔️
The hair down there” ✔️
Dreamboat douchebag everyone crushes on ✔️
Bitchy broads who suck ✔️
Pool birthday parties ✔️

Be sure to look out for Gabe, who is a mirror image of myself at that age. He can:

Hold his breathe under water ✔️
Gets all the dipping sauces ✔️
Nervous to say anything ✔️

You’re gonna fall in love with Kayla as if she’s your daughter and friend. I cheered for her the whole movie. I was there for her during the highs and felt bad for her during the lows. She’s got two winning lines:

“Confidence is a choice.”

Kayla’s Dad was a home run. He has a lot more patience than I would as a Dad, but his performance is relatable and anyone would be lucky to have a father like him.

This movie was fantastic. The shots were great, the writing was great, and it FELT REAL AND RELATABLE. I’m happy that my girlfriend turned me on to this and would gladly see it again. I think if a movie defined the coming of age genre, this would do it 100%. Go see this with anyone and I guarantee they can relate and love it.

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