The Thing ★★★★★

So I went with my friend to see this again. I’ve seen it before, but I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW WILD IT IS!

The story is simple to understand, but horrifying to follow. When your mind starts to wonder while watching, your perceptions of the characters change. There’s no trust with the characters and the audience watching. I was petrified.

The imagery is literally the scariest shit I’ve ever seen. Not only is it gory, but the screen time and production value is lengthy. I had to cover my eyes every time the thing appeared.

John Carpenter uses oblique and uncomfortable camera work to instill the paranoia of the characters onto the audience. Every turn had me turning!

Small unspoken winner of the film is the opening credits. Ripping through the screen out of no where set the tone for the entire film. Holy fucking shit.

I saw this at the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn. And it is a MUST SEE!

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