Lucky ★★★½

Fact: Violence that disproportionately targets women/femmes is normalized in society, to the point that everyday attitudes, conduct, and responses that rationalize this social ill is rendered invisible to many who uncritically accept this harrowing reality.

Now take that fact and fashion it into a premise for a film by drenching the matter in extreme satire, saturating said satire with social commentary, and put a clever spin on it all with trippy, Happy Death Day elements.

That's Lucky. I really enjoyed this. It's hella entertaining, funny, and interesting. I love how the protagonist is not only aware of the weirdness of everything going on with the stalker situation, but also aware of the peculiar responses/reactions she receives from everyone around her who just accept what's transpiring. I love her wit and resolve to both fight and to not settle for what is.

While it worked for me, I can definitely see how the heavy-handed nature of the message(s) may rub some people the wrong way. I think the divisive nature of the movie is evident by the aggregated score on here.

I don't think it's the greatest thing ever, but I do think it's really good. I personally think this movie's underrated, but it clearly doesn't work for everyone. So, yeah, be forewarned - your mileage may vary.

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