Dom Sinacola

Former editor: Paste Magazine, Cokemachineglow

Favorite films

  • Branded to Kill
  • Rocky III
  • The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans
  • Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Recent activity

  • Black Caesar

  • Thelma & Louise


  • Born Reckless

  • Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe

Recent reviews

  • Black Caesar

    Black Caesar

    The relentless juxtaposition of James Brown's songs with the increasingly bleak fate of Fred Williamson's Tommy works this all into a wicked fever dream by its final frame, which is the NY skyline with the text "August 20, 1972" splayed across it, and I have no idea why that ending will live in my brain forever.

  • Thelma & Louise

    Thelma & Louise


    Stephen Tobolowsky chastising Harvey Keitel, “Don’t make me regret I brought you here,” like a 5 yr old, their difference in height already substantial, is someone’s kink.

Popular reviews

  • Capone


    I have been asked by the PR company to take down the review due to an embargo they only just now informed me is in effect.

    EDIT -- Embargo up, here was my original review:

    As redolent of pee and poop as Hard to Be a God; as miserable and creeping as The Death of Louis XIV; very grotesque and dumb. Somehow there is no joy to be had in watching Al Capone in a diaper, smoking a carrot, mowing…

  • Ambulance



    “LA drivers! They’re all mamalukes.” - Randazzo, disposable pig-nosed Italian

    I thought of Seijun Suzuki during this, how the audience’s perspective is all that matters, the camera the only source of spatial truth, especially when working in the impossibly small ambulance set against the impossibly sprawling (and geographically absurd) City of LA. This is how Jake Gyllenhaal can hide behind a neon vest with a huge gun, how a man can survive a ruptured spleen and four hands inside of…