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  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

    Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol


    Dropped my parents into this franchise the same way that I did; with this one.

    It was in honor of Buster Keaton coming out as Tom Cruise. Because of the train pic. There's a joke in there somewhere. Because Cruise is crazy but he's the reason this franchise exists and is the beast of an action art flick that it is.

  • Spider-Man



    I can't believe all these years I convinced myself this wasn't cheesy. I see it now but it doesn't change my thoughts. There's a lot of wonderful moments that make this my ultimate Spider-man movie.

    I love to see it when Spider-man gets the s*** beat out of him.

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  • Whiplash



    Wasn't expecting this. I've seen it before, it just hit me hard this time. But I feel it's right. I know it's right.

    It's a movie about a drummer obsessed with perfection- and it's the best film of 2014 by far, one of the best films of the decade and, I dare say, ever made. The movie almost moved me to tears with overwhelming emotion- during a concert!

    I swear my 5 star deal is not a gimmick. I want…

  • mother!



    Undeniably strong performances.

    Undeniably well shot.

    Undeniably expert direction.

    Undeniably great sound design.

    Undeniably audacious.

    Whatever you have heard about this film, I think every single film lover needs to watch it. Even if you know you might not like it, or have heard terrible things about it- it's an experience I will never forget. Aronofsky flexes is auteur muscles the entire time. I don't have strong feelings about it as nearly everyone else, but the experience of it- it's like nothing I've ever seen. Truly.

    That's all I will say.

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