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  • Shane MacGowan: If I Should Fall from Grace - The Shane MacGowan Story

    Shane MacGowan: If I Should Fall from Grace - The Shane MacGowan Story


    Hissing like a pickled serpent, Shane MacGowan smashes headfirst into this entertaining documentary on a non-covert mission to endearingly slur heartfelt songs while guzzling every single drop of alcohol within reach as tragedy suddenly strikes from out of nowhere and his beloved bottle of Irish whiskey is kidnapped by invisible terrorists forcing Shane to assemble a ragtag group of patrons from the local pub to bring her back alive.

  • The Way Things Go

    The Way Things Go


    Before the internet existed, I was heavily involved with video trading through the mail and was always on a quest for crazy and unique stuff to watch and share with friends. Every Friday was "weird VHS night" in my basement and 'The Way Things Go' was always one of the things that blew people's minds (next to the Bud Dwyer clip, of corpse, hardy har!). It's the first "chain reaction" film I ever saw and to this day, it still…

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  • Travellers and Magicians

    Travellers and Magicians


    I have revisited 'Travellers and Magicians' 3 times and I'm probably due for another re-watch. This film is awesomely meditative and the equivalent of visual comfort food, as completely hokey as that sounds. Set and filmed in the stunning landscape of Bhutan, the story is a contemplative fable that follows two men on a journey of self discovery. Again, sounds flakey, but to the eye-rollers out there, it's not. 'Travellers and Magicians' is an example of how film has the…

  • Doggy Poo

    Doggy Poo


    Let me just start by saying that I love movies about poo. My Germanic heritage naturally lends itself to this. In fact, there isn't a movie about fecal content that I haven't seen. "Shitter Island," "Poop Dreams," "Follow That Turd." It's the only section on my DVD shelf that friends never ask to borrow anything from and it's a good thing too since I watch them over and over again. I even had a wall-mounted screen installed in the bathroom…