Travellers and Magicians ★★★★

I have revisited 'Travellers and Magicians' 3 times and I'm probably due for another re-watch. This film is awesomely meditative and the equivalent of visual comfort food, as completely hokey as that sounds. Set and filmed in the stunning landscape of Bhutan, the story is a contemplative fable that follows two men on a journey of self discovery. Again, sounds flakey, but to the eye-rollers out there, it's not. 'Travellers and Magicians' is an example of how film has the capacity to transport you far away from your own personal reality. Unless of course you already live in Bhutan and then this shit is just the same old same old. "Mountains, monks, the spiritual essence of life... yeah, yeah, yeah." This movie should never end, and inside my own private neck potato, it never does.