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  • Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler

    Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler


    I am a huge fan of the manga, and I was interested in seeing this adaptation. The anime adaptation is a masterpiece, and I was worried that this film could hold up with the complete 26 episode work.
    It could not.
    It tried to do some original takes, some were alright, like the different take on Tonegawa, but it mostly falls flat and crashes.
    My favourite arc had a good adaptation, but everything else is convoluted and mixed.
    The casting…

  • Twilight



    I saw it spoilerfree, dragged along by my friends from high school, and I only knew that there would be vampires in it. I thought, "Hey, a good horror film with a romantic subplot? Yeah, sure why not?"
    I laughed. I laughed so hard in the cinema mocking everything that people turned their heads at me. I spend the rest of the film holding all laughter in and biting my lips as to not burst out laughing. I could…

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  • Flaming Creatures

    Flaming Creatures

    Saw it for one of my film seminars. Historically important, but NEVER AGAIN.

  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill


    Personal favourite of mine. O I rarely get scared by horro films, but this one did. Practical effects, great plot and characters, soundtrack straight from the game, and a great attention to detail make this a worthwhile, fantastic film.
    Now the sequel on the other hand...