Ponoc Short Films Theatre, Volume 1 - Modest Heroes ★★★½

As usual with collections it is really hard to rate them, when the separate parts aren't consistent. I'd like to rate them here separatly:
- Kamini &Kamino: By far the weakest of the three. It is very cute, sadly this is all I can say positive on this short. The world building, the characters intentions and the story telling is simply lacking. (2/5)
- Life ain't gonna lose: A beautiful slice of life short story, which I wouldn't mind seing a feature film of with a little bit more conflict. (3,5/5)
- Invisible: The best one without a doubt! The visuals are breathtaking! I haven't seen a shot going through somebody's clothes into a POV before! Additionally the story leaves you wondering and interpretating. (4,5/5)