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  • Violence at Noon

    Violence at Noon


    One of those films that I wouldn't mind having every frame displayed on my wall. The way the bombastic editing is mixed with these gorgeous shots, one after another in tight abstract sequences, oh god it's so great. Enhances both the tension and the beauty of each frame. I'm in love.

  • Army



    It's such a weird film, and an interesting choice for my first viewing from the Kinoshita in WW2 boxset. The propaganda is mind-numbing at every turn, and the script calls for some rather unorthodox parental techniques. But somehow, it works itself into a sentimental piece with some solid performances from Japanese regulars Chishû Ryû and Kinuyo Tanaka. I was really impressed by the camerawork, how it took time to elaborate on shots, mixed with deep focus and intricate mise-en-scene. It's…

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  • Religulous


    I was at Walgreens the other day when I saw something that really infuriated me. I don't think I've ever been that mad before, usually I am a "jolly old soul" as I like to call myself, but this incident really set me off. I was standing in line with my usual case of soda when the cute Asian cashier sneezed. Before I could retrieve a handkerchief from my trenchcoat pocket to dab her gentle face with, I heard the…

  • World Trade Center

    World Trade Center


    If you watch this movie backwards, firefighters plant Nic Cage and Michael Pena in the ground and they blossom into two beautiful skyscrapers.