Upgrade ★★★★½

Brilliance is simplicity executed flawlessly.

Enter Upgrade. A quick 95 minutes that offers a glimpse at the world in which the line between man and machine is blurred, evolution has foregone cellular mutations in favor of mechanical augmentation. This is exactly what popcorn fun should be, tight story, self awareness and subversion, and a fantastic fucking lead.

I'm serious, Logan Thomas-Green is the powerhouse from The OC that has quietly turned in strong performances while being disrespected as Dollar Store Tom Hardy. Logan Thomas-Green's turn as Grey Trace is heartbreaking, hilarious, cocky, but deeply vulnerable. This may be a Gory Action/Scifi B movie, but this is a showcase of his abilities both as a dramatic actor and a testament to his physical prowess. He is a rock star and those of us who have followed him since 2004 are about to see a meteoric rise.

Blumhouse's non franchise flicks are setting up as a fully realized production company that isn't afraid to tell the stories it wants to tell in the way that they want to be told.

I. Want. More.

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