Avatar ★★★★

13 years later, now newly remastered in 4K with select scenes in a higher frame rate, James Cameron's 'Avatar' puts any recent blockbuster production to shame. It is still as stunning and impressive today as when it was released in 2009.

Sure, Cameron built his story on the basis of familiar grounds - 'Dances with Wolves' (Kevin Costner, 1990) in space, anyone? But Cameron understands how to move his story along and ties up the plot lines nicely. And all of those not so-subtle messages about anti-corporation, pro-nature, and the importance of community and connection? Still relevant and maybe that needs to be preached.

It's a vibrant and beautiful sci-fi adventure that remains a must-see when it comes to true cinematic experiences.

Kelapa Gading IMAX, North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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