The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

The characteristic digressions you see in Wes Anderson’s films are not, in that sense, singular tics, but rather telling hallmarks of writer/director Anderson's baroque style. It's the little things that makes The Grand Budapest Hotel so great. The Grand Budapest Hotel, a neo-screwball comedy set in an imaginary country, is the kind of movie that appreciates every time you re-watch it thanks to all the little details. Expressions communicate without speech, every movement is purposeful, background elements have specific meanings, and colors are vibrant and cartoonish. The attention to detail is simply phenomenal. From the first few seconds, it’s evident that each aspect is also tinged with humor – some from outrageously unrealistic concepts, but most from the subtle ridiculousness of words, images, and character designs. It’s by far my favorite Wes Anderson film.