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  • The Grandmother

    The Grandmother


    It seems David had a rough childhood...

     Full of nightmares and bed wetting, among other things. This film explains a lot about David Lynch as an artist.

  • PlayTime



    Absolute madness

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  • Fantasia



    A disney film with nudity, violence, and borderline devil worship. If the rating system existed back then it should have gotten a R rating.

    Just saying.

    Still a very beautiful film.

  • Adaptation.



    Uh, how should I start this review?

    So about 50 minutes ago I was at an old theater, that had just played Adaptation. On my way home, which was like a 50 minute drive at night in the rain, I was thinking about how I was going to review this awesome film on letterboxd. Then I came up with the brilliant idea that I was going to try and write a review like Charlie Kaufman would. I would have no…