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  • In Good Company

    In Good Company


    this is not a bad movie you guys are just mean

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always


    a work of art.

    i held off revisiting this for some time out of some irrational fear that the emotional impact would be lessened a second time around but ... a work of art is a work of art.

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  • How I Live Now

    How I Live Now

    sorry i can't properly rate this i fully lost consciousness a quarter of the way through the movie because my ass was violently astral-projected into the fifth dimension watching george mackay (a) pet and herd some cows, (b) chop wood, (c) go swimming in a lake, and (d) care for an injured hawk, among many other things ALL while wearing some very soft sweaters and you know what?
    for someone who cannot stop daydreaming about eloping with this man to…

  • And Then We Danced

    And Then We Danced


    the way that merab rests his head in the crook of irakli's neck, leans up just slightly to kiss it, then turns to face him and look him in the eyes. like a flower turning up towards the sun, blooming before our eyes.

    the way that we are sent weaving through room after room after david's wedding, after irakli's heartbreaking confession. the way we linger on family members talking, dancing, celebrating.
    (so so so much love in every single one…