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  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby

    Danielle thought she was powerful and valuable riding getting paid getting laid. She felt immense. Everything was fun sexy adult in her secret life as a mysterious grad/undergrad (?) law student student services.
    But the mystery was actually how she managed to make a stew with 1) parental anxiety 2) her best-friend/first-lover/best-enemy law-student girlfriend life and 3) her Jewish family-community expectations. She falls deep into that pot.
    Sex is power (?) The way a married-man wedding-ringed hand pulls her head…

  • Being Women

    Being Women

    maravilhoso, maravilhoso, maravilhosa cecilia mangini.

    outra cineasta que conheci através da morte, como foi com chantal akerman, que marca minha vida desde que deslumbra pelo suicídio em outubro de 2015. foi em novembro de 2015 que vi l'homme à la valise e me perdi nos seus corredores eternos. venho vendo um ou dois de seus filmes a cada ano, pra que dure muito e pra que se realize meu sonho de que se encontre um baú repleto de seus filmes…

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  • A Velha a Fiar

    A Velha a Fiar

    a mulher só perde pra morte, porra

  • An Officer and a Spy

    An Officer and a Spy

    "why am i watching this", i wondered during those two hours, to help me guide throughout the movie, to help me set my gaze. as time passed, i remembered adèle haenel leaving the césar. as time passed, i recolleted lucrecia martel refusing to attend the film exhibition, but being jury president at venice 2019, when it won grand jury prize. as much as i despise this man, i was interested to understand why, in 2019, in 2020, a film written…