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  • Dekalog



    Possibly the greatest and most morally explorative episodic piece of cinema ever. The Dekalog is a singular entity, comprised of ten individual films. This isn't just a cinematic recreation of the ten commandments, but an encompassment of human emotion and relations. In a way, it is a realization of the universal laws of humanity and how we interact with them. Must be as close as a singular work can ever come to showing the human experience. A sacred text for…

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  • Belle



    Quite a disappointment, at least considering that the only other film of Hosoda's I've seen was Wolf Children which I thought was much more compelling. This just seems like it was a product of a extremely large team of writers that couldn't make up their mind on what they wanted the film to be about. I think the best term to describe it would be scatterbrained. Not just in theme, but in execution as well. I'll touch briefly on the…

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Simplistic and brutish in a way that just doesn't appeal much to me. There just isn't much here beyond the superficial ultra-violence and one note story. There really isn't much here to mull over other than REVENGE. That wouldn't be a problem if I were invested in the characters, their plights, or if my want for entertainment could be satiated purely by gruesome amounts of violence. Compared to something like The Lighthouse, it is a regression in filmmaking.

    And also,…

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  • The Story of the Kelly Gang

    The Story of the Kelly Gang

    Watched the 30 minute reconstruction from the Australian National Film & Sound Archive.

    Every time I see something like this, I'm reminded of Stroheim's Greed. A film that could be great, but we may not ever know to the full extent. This seemed like a pretty good early silent film with the ~25% of archived film being in good condition, other than a few segments with terrible burns/ chemical damage. Australia's early contribution to the Western genre and feature length films.

  • Aniki-Bóbó



    March Around the World 2018

    Fun, whimsical, wonderful.

    Did Manoel de Oliveria create some sort of Portuguese New wave with this film? It consistently had a sort of Neorealism vibe to it. In some areas it even reminded me of The 400 Blows. For such an obscure film I thought it deserved that many people would either hold this in higher regard or at least be a little more well known given the quality. Before checking the year…