Certain Women ★★★★

I honestly didn't expect to like this as much as I did. My experience with Kelly Reichardt's film(s) have been uninspiring at best. Only having seen Meek's Cutoff before and disliking it, I really didn't think I'd enjoy Certain Women.

What appeals to me here is simply atmosphere. Unless you live in the Midwest I just can't describe how amazingly well this captures not only life, but certain intricacies and the feeling of that wide open space. I can't really say what it is, but there is certainly a love that Reichardt captures of the area here. With Meek's Cutoff, I was put off by the slowness and possibly meandering nature of the film. It's funny then that this film, a series of seemingly miniscule vignettes can be more engaging than a film about pioneers in the wild West. Whereas that felt meandering, this feels deliberate. That, and it addressed my previous annoyance (which may seem petty) with a choice of a 4:3 aspect ratio when there are such great landscapes on display. The immersion and, for my lack of unique vocabulary, the 'authenticity' of the simple snapshots and settings are inherently pleasing to watch.

I understand not only thinking the film is boring, but completely understand if the film doesn't appeal to a person at all. Living in this specific region all my life however, it feels like a photo book of home. A region-specific experience. Something that I am happy to appreciate the full effect of.

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