Stalker ★★★★★

A poetic film to appeal to humanity and faith. There are no definitive answers. Maybe there is only personal revelation to what you yourself bring in your own expectations.

As this was my first Tarkovsky film, I felt that I sorely needed to revisit Stalker. Not because I don't think I felt I didn't appreciate it, but because I thought I didn't understand it. And that was the inherent problem with watching it in the first place. I wanted to know what the film wanted me to think of it, rather than letting myself interpret it as I'm sure was Tarkovsky's goal. I could see it was beautiful and deep, but struggled to 'understand' it as I thought I should. Trying to explain it to myself as a conventional film simply did not work.

The Writer is cynical, and the Professor examines everything around him in a logical manor. The Stalker walks on faith. In the end, faith is what was rewarded.

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