Thunderball ★★

Despite a great cold opening sequence, showstopping title song performed by Tom Jones, promising plot and particularly menacing appearance from Blofeld (whose face still isn't shown on camera), this rapidly turns into a disappointingly boring entry in the Bond franchise. Part of it is the fact that a good portion of the picture takes place underwater, and as I've opined before, I generally find undersea films to be cinematic tryptophan. The second hour initially feels like an improvement until you notice they've largely forgotten about the nuclear bomb plot. (Those sharks are pretty intimidating, though.) However, if you're expecting one of those requisite mass "good guys vs. bad guys" fight scenes that seem to close out a good number of Bond films, rest assured Thunderball has you covered...and underwater, no less.

Honestly, my favorite part of this may have been when main villain Adolfo Celi delivered a line that seemingly predicted the chorus of Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes" 17 years years later. But I'm nutty like that.

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