The Hunt ½

Famously put on ice due to the severe controversy surrounding it last year, Craig Zobel’s The Hunt has finally seen its release. From furious journalistic pieces to tweets from the President of the United States, everyone was taking aim at The Hunt for simply existing to rile controversy. The supposed cancellation of The Hunt made it a far more intriguing prospect for people; everyone was getting worked up about a film they hadn’t even seen, so now that it’s out, was it really worth all the mudslinging and misguided prejudice?

Yes, yes it was, but not in the way any of us were expecting.

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Parents Guide:
Violence: 8/10
Language: 8/10
Sexual Content/Nudity: 3/10
Drug/Tobacco/Alcohol Use/References: 2/10
Intense/Horrifying Content: 9/10
Personal Recommended Age: 16 +
Original rating: R for strong bloody violence, and language throughout.

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