Parents Guide: A Key

*The list below is just a list of super controversial films that would hit the 10 scale on either category for reference. That does not mean any of these movies are endorsed by yours, truly for viewing.*

Since there was an overwhelming "yes" response to keeping the parents guides, I guess it's now worth going over what the guidelines actually are.

As a reminder for the general guidelines of American movie ratings, the MPAA ratings are listed as follows:
X (NC-17 pre 1990) (many X-rated films of the past have been re-rated to R per modern standards; ex: A Clockwork Orange)

Each category is ranked from 0-10, with the intensity of said category being resembled…

  • Un Chien Andalou
  • Antichrist
  • A Serbian Film
  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom
  • The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
  • The Birth of a Nation
  • Day of the Woman
  • Pink Flamingos
  • Man Bites Dog
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  • Freaks
  • Faces of Death
  • Song of the South