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  • Luca



    Come on Pixar…
    As a huge fan who is used to engaging, complex stories that can be enjoyed by audiences from different age groups, this was a huge disappointment. The beginning did surprise me as I was not expecting the whole merpeople thing, but beyond that the whole plot was predictable and unoriginal. There is barely any conflict and when there is, it is completely minimised and quickly pushed aside to move on to the next shot of the children…

  • The Blind Side

    The Blind Side


    A heart warming story. However since when are “protective instincts” tested for in elementary schools?

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  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon

    I was expecting something like Brave but it’s just another cringy Disney princess movie. Unicorn dragons? Really? At least there wasn’t a bs idealistic portrayal of romance, and they don’t break out into song randomly, so there’s that. Guess I’m not the target demographic but this is boringly predictable and not worth watching if you’re over the age of 6.

  • Minari



    A very realistic portrayal of what it feels like to grow up in a foreign country. The most beautiful thing about this movie is it supports the idea that people and situations, if pushed in the right ways, are capable of true, positive change. That last scene hits hard.