Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★½

I approach the stage, throat dry, forehead sweaty. The crowd fidgets nervously as I look out over the auditorium, silence reigns. I press my lips against the microphone’s cold metal lattice. 


I croak out, my voice crackling through several speakers.

For a moment, nothing. Then, all at once, rapturous applause begins to reign down as the the crowd begins to nod and repeat my message. Tears stream down many a face and the ground trembles as the audience raises, as one, to their feet.

‘We agree’ their faces seemed to say. ‘You are correct’ said the wild stamping of their feet. ‘We understand now’ came the near-angelic rallying cry of their applause. 

I nod silently and as the crowd reaches the peak of their euphoria I lean in once more. 


The response is deafening.

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