Other People ★★★★½

I tend to really like movies that realistically find beauty in sadness, remorse, grief, or any other negative emotion. I want to dwell in it because there honestly aren't that many places in the real world you can. People don't like talking about sadness or depression or anxiety if they don't have to, and if they do have to it means their experiencing it which takes one out of being able to acknowledge there is beauty in it.

Other People is a shining example of that type of movie. It's shot and written in a simple and realistic way that let the actors fully realize the characters. Jesse Plemons is great and Bradley Whitford will go unsung in an unsung movie but put in wonderful work, the real shame is that Molly Shannon had maybe the best performance of last year and no one seemed to be talking about it.

There were some parts that didn't work which kept this from just being a movie I completely loved. The extended family of the protagonist's family was essentially a quagmire of cliches. Obviously written to draw humor but in this type of movie I don't want to be taken out of the realism in an attempt for a laugh. Also there was a kid in two scenes in the movie which was just bizarre. He was a young kid who was gay and was completely aware and comfortable about it (before I feel any kid is comfortable in any form of sexuality) and acted he waaaaaaaaaaaay too adult. There was a weird pseudo-provocative dance that was played 100% for laughs, both at the absurdity of it and how Jesse Plemons was the only person to react like, "I am an adult around this and am uncomfortable but the other adults aren't which makes no sense." I'm not a big fan of kids acting like adults in movies, or acting provocative, even when it's for laughs. I don't know if the writer/director was basing this off some kid he actually knew but it seemed completely unrealistic and took me out of the movie. Neither of these complaints were prevalent through the movie. Basically 3 short scenes and one sort of long scene so they didn't ruin it. Just kept me from completely loving it.