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  • Bloody Oranges
  • What Have You Done to Solange?
  • A Wounded Fawn
  • What Josiah Saw

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  • The Unbinding


  • Pet Sematary: Bloodlines

  • It's a Wonderful Knife


  • Your Lucky Day


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  • Sick



    A straightforward and mean slasher/home invasion horror. Although it doesn't reinvent the wheel and I thought the COVID stuff was too lame and didn't really play well, especially coming from the writer of the Scream franchise. this is still an undeniably fun film. And a very tight one. I love how brutal some of the kills are and I also appreciate that it contains fewer stupid decisions compared to any home invasion flick out there.

    2023 Horror Ranked

  • M3GAN



    A fun cheesy watch. This comedy horror drama feels like a January release, playing it too safe and polished, and definitely suffers from its PG rating. It's a lot more comical than what you'd expect, I didn't see the trailer before going in, yet somehow I wish it went further with the campiness. Thankfully, the concept is fun enough and it also features an unexpectedly strong emotional core.

    2023 Horror Ranked

Popular reviews

  • We're All Going to the World's Fair

    We're All Going to the World's Fair

    Flat, boring, unengaging. I waited over a year for this and was disappointed. This is another case where a film with a unique concept never managed to grow into something bigger. It's like taking a good short film and stretch it out needlessly. The experience of going through 'spooky' internet videos and playing it constantly evoke a good sense of discomfort, but it can't quite make for a compelling narrative. The story may be relatable to some audience but it's clear I'm not part of those audience.

    2022 Horror Ranked

  • Incantation


    A ridiculously overstuffed mess. Such an ambitious and interesting concept but they turn it into an unbelievably dreary, overstuffed, and poorly put together slog. How can a film this poorly put together deserve anything higher? As far as found footage films go, there's got to be some logical reason for the camera to be present but not on this film. I found the choice of non-linear storytelling to be very strange as it's mostly ineffective when applied to the subgenre.…