No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive ★★★★

Finally a decent horror film from Netflix! I think this one is effective, creepy and genuinely unsettling. It's about the struggle of an undocumented immigrant, Ambar. Her mother has recently died and with very little money from her new job, she ends up staying in a boarding house, where the unsettling cries and eerie visions begins. It incorporates supernatural elements into this real-life horror incredibly well. It starts off really slow, in fact I tried and gave up like 3 times. But I tried to stay until the end this time and I'm glad I did. It gets better as it progresses and I really dig the overall atmosphere. Some scenes are too dark but they did the hallucination scenes very well plus there are a couple of surprises that'll keep you the entertained. Cool monster design, some decent gore, lot of ghosts showing up too but no annoying loud sounds which I greatly appreciate. I also like how minimal the sound is. Cristina Rodlo is excellent as a lead. She's sympathetic and easy to root for.

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