Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★★

Your Name. is primarily about the heartfelt connection made with someone else on an emotional level that transcends both time and space - something that my anti-social self just can't relate to. Just imagine, that your resonance to that someone is so revelatory to your core that you inadvertently find yourself becoming a much different, yet a much better person.

Lmfao, couldn't be me!

But, my lame jokes aside, the originality of Your Name. definitely deserves a lot of praise. It brings forth a unique story, blending together elements of romance, sci-fi and coming-of-age with complex characters who are culturally and socially contrasting in a way that makes the dynamic between them engaging and, more importantly, fun. The sublimely beautiful animation, the tranquility espousing score and even the cheesiness found in it - all fit perfectly together to present a profound but serene viewing experience.

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